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September 2017http://

The school year started with a lot of joy, ideas, smiles.I was really looking forward to the upcoming projects with my students. I was very busy preparing all the Genki English, Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar materials for my students.
Here, I’d like to thank all the teachers from the Genki English Teacher Training Academy for the inspiration and the support. I’d also like to thank all my students and their parents.

October 2017

We started a new program Desing Champions. In October we played our first mission Architect


and we also did other projects .

1. An interview with Yukie Sakakura about her book „Awaji Island from A to Z“.
After reading the book , my students interviewed Yukie Sakakura and she answered all of our questions. Thank you Yukie for your interesting answers. We learned a lot from them. We can’t wait for your next book.


2. Penguins in our classroom
Our second project this month – following 10 new penguin families as they raise their chicks at Cape Royds. We learned a lot about penguins and we designed and created postcards and a flag about penguins. We mailed them to the US research station near the penguin colony.


3.Christmas cards exchange with our friends from Italy
We would like to thank our friends from English Power – School of English in Italy for the wonderful Christmas cards that they made for us. We hope that they will love our cards too. Looking forward to our next project!


And we had our wonderful Halloween party.


November 2017

November was full of projects. What a month!

1.Mystery skype in Jolly English!
Our 5-6 years old students talked to Phoebe Row’s class from London! The topic was ‘Favorite animals’ and we also played the game ‘ Guess the animal’. Well done to everyone for describing and guessing the animals! It was a wonderful day!


2.The second mission from Design Champions
We played the next mission Astronaut and we learned a lot about the solar system and the work of the astronauts.


3.Letters to students from Japan
We wrote letters to students from Japan in which we described some of the Bulgarian traditions. Thank you Hiromi Kinoshita.


December 2017

In December I began preparation for our Skype talk with the English writer Karen Inglis .We can’t wait till February when Karen Inglis will host a Skype session with Jolly English students and we will talk about her book Ferdinand Fox’s big sleep. The books arrived so we will start working with them in January.
And we baked cookies.


It was a wonderful year!

Happy New 2018 Year!

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